Sunday, 3 March 2013

Holiday viewing.

Whenever I am on one of my long travels I always bring away with me lots of reading matter, games etc. As well I have always carried some videos with me on my ipad . Films like Mama Mia can be watched several times over a few years and other good watches have included Studio 60 , Mad about you and other daft things .

This year I bought a bargain bucket of films from the BBC. It includes three Le Carre novels, turned into screen plays and starting with Tinker Tailor. Alec Guiness is simply wonderful as Smiley, the arch spy looking like a doddery old man. I am enjoying them enormously.

I am now onto Smileys People. Yesterday he was meeting his wife before setting off on a dangerous mission. They decide to go for a walk. It took them along a cliff path. Suddenly I realised it wasn't just Cornwall it was the bit I knew best, including the view of Gull Rock seen from my old house every day! I knew every bit of the path they were taking. It was very weird being jolted back to home from the lovely French Pacific.

It did make me realise yet again how very lucky we are......there can be few places in the world as beautiful as where we live...not even Tahiti!


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  1. No place like home then? and for me, no writer like Le Carre.