Sunday, 17 March 2013

Human kindness

Day by day on this huge ocean liner we see remarkable people doing wonderful things. The age range is considerable but the elderly are the largest group by far.

Mobility gadgets vary from a walking stick, to a frame, to a wheelchair, some with engines! People get about even if their problem is is a testament to the human spirit to see some very frail old people navigating uncertain terrain with determination and goodwill.

This morning a very old man with Parkinson's was attempting to get into a lift. He was shaking so much that his stick was not helping . The lift was going down when he wanted to go up. He started to retreat but the man already in the lift said he would wait....the old man could go down with them and then go back up again? They were in no hurry he said, plenty of time. He waited until the shaking stick had delivered the old man to the right place, talking as he stood, in a gentle calm voice.

It was a most touching sight and one repeated over and over on this ship, side by side with those who are in a hurry to get everywhere, who jostle to get to the front and who never actually see anyone in need in their path.

On this the fifth Sunday in Lent it is worth act of human kindness is ever lost!

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