Wednesday, 6 March 2013

In Quarantine.

Tomorrow we land at Hilo. This is another Hawiian island with its very own active volcano! I am not sure if this is good or bad but I am assured that it's the only place on the world where the lava runs directly into the sea! We have been asked not to wear open toes sandals and told that we will walk through the lava tube! Mmm.....we shall see.

The following morning! We are here, we have landed but unfortunately I am not going ashore. During the night I fell foul of the bug which has already caused havoc on the ship! I am now in quarantine! This means I can't leave the room!

There are much worse things than this but I really didn't need it!

Full marks to the Cunard crew! Within minutes of my being put into quarantine the hygiene crew arrived to sanitize the cabin! Three young men in masks and plastic aprons advanced upon us, squirting as they went!

David is so far fine...he's not going ashore without me though!

This morning we have all to go through immigration as we are arriving back on American soil....David can go. I can't leave the room! Not sure how that places us! I await further instructions!

I don't feel ill at all, so that's something.....we have a lovely balcony looking out on the great view including the volcano! It's not the end of the world. This could be the day I actually get to watch the TV!

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  1. I know you like to experience everything, but isn't this just a step too far?
    Hope you are well again really soon, and meanwhile good luck with the television.