Thursday, 28 March 2013

Journeying inward.

Today is Maunday Thursday. The day when priests retake their vows and I was determined to mark this in some way.

Through the whole journey there have been no priests on board, not even the ancient Roman priest who usd to do odd things on his own! There are one or two people on board who are Revs but until today the only other one I met was a Methodist from Maine!

Two priests came on board yesterday but there was no service this morning so I did a communion in my cabin for one or two people who had asked me to.

Easter has always been emotionally challenging. This year when my tears are very close to the surface it is going to be difficult.

This poem by RS Thomas tells my state of mind perfectly..


Moving away is only to the boundaries of the self.

Better to stay here I said

Leaving the horizons clear.

The best journey to make is inward

It is the interior that calls.

For some it is all darkness

For me too it is dark

But there are hands there I can take

Voices to hear solider than the echoes without

And sometimes a strange light shines

Purer than the moon

Casting no shadow

That is the halo upon the bones of the pioneers who died for truth.


  1. [*] for your tears. Lovely you could have a Eucharist for a few. Not sure that I could now go more than two or three days without Holy Communion - I got to three midweek services as well as Sundays.

  2. Thank you for your prayers....they mean a lot.