Thursday, 7 March 2013


Free at last! I only spent one day in quarantine but it felt very good when the medical centre released me this morning at 8am!

We have had a problem on board, small compared to most due to the stringent hygiene conditions we have all learned to live with. After leaving Wellington a group of people fell ill and this spread for several days because people were not reporting it.

So when I got my tummy upset yesterday I had to report it having spoken harsh words about those thoughtless enough to spread It to everyone they met.

A day in my cabin was not bad. It would have been awful without the balcony! I was able to sit out, watching the sea....I even saw a whale at one point.

Today though we are doing a proper whale watch in a small boat and I thought I was not going t be allowed to go.

However my symptoms were slight compared to most and I had room service yesterday.....a tuna wrap for lunch and a cheese burger for supper did me no harm at all so I got the all clear this morning.

The volcanic mountains are shrouded with mist....the sea is turquoise ...bring it on.

Apparently I was the last reported case.....the figures for yesterday were 1. Just my luck!

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