Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Long Beach.

We were bussed off early this morning to allow health measures to be taken on board. Our first stop was Walmart. Nothing would persuade me to look around a superstore on holiday. We found a Starbucks but couldn't get in. All the doors said exit only.
That took us to as other shop a Baskin Robins where they gave me a straw unable to actually be of any use!
We took another bus to the Aquarium just crossing the road was dodgy given our combined speed or lack of it.
The Aquarium is very spectacular. Seals and sharks are held in lovely tanks which are too small! We felt sorry for them!
The tanks of growing coral were beautiful. Those that held sea slugs and jelly fish interesting in that there was glass between us!
We have taken advantage of the free wifi whilst we eat our muffins.
Coach loads of small children have their noses pressed against the glass. I had fellow feeling with the harassed teachers.
We may stay on this veranda till its time to get back to our bus!
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