Wednesday, 13 March 2013

New phase.

The entire ship has had a personality change. Huge numbers got off yesterday to be replaced by another but different set of people. There are alot of Japenese at breakfast this morning!
We are now sailing down the coast of California. The weather is dull so far but the company is great!
A big treat yesterday was to find a friend on board. He lectures on all things South American and anything else that takes his mind. He and his wife greeted us with great pleasure and we had drinks together whilst doing a sail past the first Queen Mary. This ancient boat is now a hotel in Long Beach and we had a passionate speech relayed to us from the oldest Cunarder to the newest!
Richard is giving his first lecture this morning and we shall be there! He tells very good jokes and groaned that we knew them least we can finish them for him if he dries up!
We changed our table at dinner for this leg of the trip....the new table is in an excellent position and have single people as well as a couple of promises well!
I feel very different now from our first weeks on board.....the shadow really is lifting.... So it feels like a new phase is starting in several different directions! DV

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  1. [*] for your shadow lifting. And hope that the rest of your trip brings refreshment and joy.