Saturday, 30 March 2013

New York again.

We have been to New York before.....this is about our fifth visit so it's no longer a strange almost alien feeling. It is though still very exciting! Pulling in before dawn was magical. All the lights were on and slowly all the iconic buildings were being lit from above by the sunny dawn!

Today we are going to try once again to do some shopping following the aborted attempt in Fort Lauderdale. A taxi to Bloomingdales should take us far enough!

We did not see the Statue of Liberty as we came in but we should see her tonight, prompting the words yet again ascribed to the great figure of freedom and liberty.

"Bring me your poor , your huddled masses"

Who would have thought that this place, happy to take all the refugees , fleeing from intolerance in their own countries would have developed into this majestic and beautiful place.

The ship is emptying rapidly.....many people are leaving this morning, including some of our good friends, some old and some new.....I have wished them all God Speed as they go!

1 comment:

  1. Bloomingdales was excellent! It was easy to get a taxi back and I bought some great things!
    We have now set stop home!