Monday, 18 March 2013


Our Early morning arrival in Nicaragua is going well! It's the first time the Queen Elizabeth has been here and they spent some time picking the spot! The captain has now told us that he's putting extra chain down with the anchor to make sure we don't drift!

It's very hot but also windy and David and I are booked on a tour of the vicinity. Coaches are mostly air conditioned but occasionally they are not and we can't see the landing strip from here! It's going to be a long trip on a tender!

This sounds lovely but it's not! We are all sitting almost on top of each other on these little boats!

The spirit of adventure is flagging this morning .

Our new table companions are proving to be great fun....we have now got the young man from Canada talking and his observations are often funny but also dour!

Our new waiter seems to believe we are all in imminent danger of fading away! Double portions of everything are coming our way every night....I have to remember to ask for a half portion to get a plate I can empty!

Some people on this boat are already doubled in size! Seams are under great pressure increasing daily! Even I have put on a bit! We will waddle off when it's time to go!

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