Sunday, 24 March 2013

Palm Sunday

Here on board this huge boat we like our sea days . They give time for reflection as well as just being still.

Today is Palm Sunday....which gives rise to many memories of times past when the start of Holy Week meant a week of extreme activity so that the time for contemplation was almost nil.

Different churches do this Sunday in varied ways. One church I visited had a real donkey for instance! The procession involving many hosannas and real palm leaves was always slightly disorganized but that was after all part of the story.

My worst one was when as a curate I was asked to do a service using the presentation on a huge screen in the church that the incumbent had prepared before he got too poorly to do it himself.

I picked up his lap top from his door step and went to church full of trepidation .

With some cause....I could not find the service anywhere. As people were arriving in the church, and I had nothing prepared I followed the church wardens advice about the procession, palm leaves had been provided. The actual service was made up on the spot. Not a Eucharist but a family service I found the readings and proceeded with care.

The organist held up the numbers of the hymns he'd chosen before each one started!

With a wing and several prayers we made it to the end unscathed! The congregation, innocent of children enjoyed it...and I later married the helpful church warden.



  1. Hosanna indeed. Would that all such mini traumas could have such a happy outcome.
    Enjoy your 'different' Palm Sunday.

    1. Thank you is very different.......not very happy at spending Holy Week at sea but I am planning to keep it in my own way!