Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Paper work.

Great fun on board this morning! We are all asked to fill in a questionnaire . This has prompted some wonderful reposts specially from the Americans on board....one man sitting alone at a table said he was doing his homework. When he'd finished he tossed it to his wife with the words

"Wanna grade it?"

It is a bit like that. The document is asking for details from over a week ago....

"How the hell do I know how many baked beans I had" asked one puzzled young man!

This is our last day at sea before we arrived back in the Hawiian islands. It's rough but sunny outside this morning. We have the information on our next tour. We are walking through a volcanic tube.....we need to wear sensible shoes! The mind boggles!

Because we left the USA some time ago we have to go through immigration again.....another set of forms to fill in....these tours are not for wimps!

Because we are old we tend to get off lightly compared to some! The "Rev" helps too....but either way there is a lot of hanging around and even if your not going ashore all the formalities have to be observed!

All of this plus the bag of washing we have just sent off has made for an interesting morning of paper work!

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