Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Puntarenas 2

We are back on board after a very long, hot day! Our departure was delayed by the fact that we were moored up next to a Princess line cruiser! The narrow pier was jammed at one stage.

The journey outwards was much longer than we thought and we decided after a while that we'd joined the wrong trip! The coach was air conditioned though so we sat back to enjoy it!

After an hour and a half we arrived at the train.....it was not a station...that would been luxury. The seats were hard, the windows open, a breeze blew in when we were lucky! We went so close to some homes that we could have leaned out into them. The people were poor. I am not sure wether it was grinding poverty but it was worrying. The children though waved to us with great smiles on their faces!

I got clouted at one point by a rogue banana which I didn't have the wit to keep, and the weird part was when we went through a tunnel! Complete dark descended! For five minutes we might have been in outer space!

It was very hot by this time...over ninety so any stray breeze was welcome.

When the train stopped we all got back on our bus!

The next part of the trip was wonderful! We stopped by the river. We were given cold beer and fruit...lots of fruit..that was lunch!

Then we got onto the small boat! We travelled silently through the mangrove swamp, which was a small river in places , containing crocodiles and a huge variety of tropical birds....our boat man stopped several times for us not to miss anything.....the entire experience was brilliant and topped of by the sight of two white faced monkeys playing as we strolled back to our coach.....

We were out all day and had missed lunch so we then went for a cream tea.....the first one since we got onboard! It was excellent....a proper Cornish job!

It has been a very good day but exhausting...time for a snooze before dinner!

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