Saturday, 2 March 2013


We are settling down for some days at sea now and there is time to sort out my iPad and my blog. There is always a computer expert on board and last year he was an arrogant young man who treated all the elderly learners as though senility was automatic in old age. He was fine with me when he realised that I wasn't completely gaga!

This years expert is different. He listens. I visited the apple room to find out about the new Bluetooth keyboard and during the conversation I mentioned blogging. He was immediately interested and asked if he could see it!

The results were fascinating! After complimenting me on my hits every day he went on to ask about my spam. I told him all anonymous posts automatically went into the spam box....I hadn't looked for a while. A surprising amount had built up!

He looked at them very carefully......and then told me that he could trace them quite easily.....where they came from, geographically and what device was used.....did I want him to do that? It would cost me ten dollars.....

Now this is the thing. Spam never bothers me as it goes straight to the naughty box.....on the other hand it would be fascinating to find out where it's coming from!

I may well take him up on his could be ten dollars well spent!

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