Friday, 22 March 2013

The Caribbean.

It's not an optical illusion, the sea really is very different from the Pacific. It's grey for a start and it has proper waves unlike the rolling seas of Polynesia. We are travelling from the Atlantic through the Carribean sea today! Even in the shade it's around 90 degrees.....yesterday on the canal it was too hot to stay in the sun! Everyone was seeking shade!

Leaflets arrived in our stateroom, are offering shopping opportunities! Normally this would be of interest but the information contains the line,

"Shop till you drop in four hours of great shopping experience!" An hour would be ample for me so I may miss this one!

We have been going to some lectures en route, specially those given by our friend Richard....he is very funny and we got there exactly an hour too soon! So did he, we lost another hour last night and had failed to do anything at the right time! I am not sure how far behind UK time we are but we are catching up!

The first time we were in the Caribbean we called in at Barbados. On the coast we found the most beautiful old Anglican church. I left David chatting to the church warden whilst I went to look outside. When I got back he was trying to swop me! One vicar could swap with another he said, stay in our house etc.....he really thought he could cope with a year there!

Barbedos is not in our intinery this time which is just as could be next year before we got home!


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