Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Traveling on.

Once again we are preparing for an exodus...Lots of people who joined the ship in LA are leaving tomorrow in Fort Lauderdale....we are losing two from our table and keeping two so we will have two new people to break in!

Racial groups are usually put together in their own ethnic groups. This morning for instance we strayed into the Japanese corner. Several single ladies breakfast there every morning and are very lively indeed! They leave the table together to go and set up two Mahjong tables where they will spend much of their day!

A sole man put his book down on the table whilst he went for breakfast, returning to find himself surrounded by tiny, voluble ladies all talking at once.....he took it very well with a wry grin!

As David and I have been twice before to the Everglades we are doing our own thing tomorrow. Cunard will lay on a shuttle bus and we will go shopping again!

I have never had a Holy Week like this before! I am not aware of any other clergy either Episcopalian or Anglican on board, and the Mormon pastor gets off tomorrow. There has been no resident Roman Catholic priest for the entire journey which is a first. I need to do something but don't want to push myself forward. Between now and Easter Day we have a day in New York! It might be just me and David celebrating on our balcony!

So be it!

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