Saturday, 23 March 2013

Under the waves.

This morning was an adventure! We arrived in Caracoa in the early morning. It is a small island off the coast of Venezuela. We had booked a tour called Sea World and a taxi picked us up and took us to a large resort close by. The water was brightest turquoise. It was a bit like Cornwall on a good day!

The boat duly arrived and we were stowed in the scuppers for easy viewing! Small seats travelled the bottom of the sea and the windows revealed an under water world only previously glimpsed on travel programs!

The sandy bottom had much coral growing! Tiny fish swam in and out safe from the larger fish. The biggest fish was about three foot I suppose and there was everything in between. The colours were amazing! Purple, rainbow stripes, some very smart white striped fish all glided about.

Suddenly a diver appeared with food! As he scattered it hundreds of fish appeared!

It was hot under the water so we needed a drink! David has a pint and I have a bloody Mary!

I may have fish for lunch!

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