Friday, 15 March 2013


We landed in Mexico early in the morning. It was hot and we took a taxi downtown. At the first glance it looked around the same size as St Mawes but as the taxi sped along we realised how big it was! A long road full of shops and hotels took us to the centre which had its own beach. Sitting on the beach sipping orange Juice was bliss! It was very pretty with glorious views of the mountains in the distance! The shore line had huge pelicans flying in and out of the fishing boats.

A man approached us trying to interest us in silver. Mexican silver is very pure and David bought me a heavy bangle whilst I bought a couple to give as presents when we get home!

After that we strolled to the. Cathedral which was beautiful with lots of gold and colourful pictures painted on the walls of the sanctuary. Jesus and John the Baptist were definitely Hispanic.

After sitting in the cool we got a taxi back, enroute buying a white poncho , embroidered with blue butterflies.

It was a very good morning indeed....we liked Mexico last year but this place is better!

I know we won't be back here but I'm glad we've seen it!

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  1. It sounds enchanting Jean, and so do your purchases.

    Odd isn't it, some places have nothing but tat to offer, while others have an embarrassment of riches?
    I hope you continue to enjoy your trip.