Tuesday, 30 April 2013

A pet mole?

First morning of Spring! This is official because all the pollen has caused a massive attack of sneezing! But the upside is of great beauty, a garden full of blossom and wonderful views of distant church spires and boats coming in and out of Falmouth.

There is an amazing sense of overwhelming joy in creation this morning , not least because it's the first time since coming home that I am not heavily laden with jumpers!

It's warm. It's beautiful but the windmill erected yesterday by the resident engineer has not stopped the moles! A whole new set have travelled up the side of the garden!

Sonic repellers are on their way but my money is on them! They are adorable to look at, they eat slugs and stay hidden most of the time it's just their habit of leaving great piles of soil around that is the problem. Neighbours have wild cats, badgers and foxes to contend with so moles are actually not a real problem.

Being now without either a dog or a cat we have been casting around for a pet or two to look after.....I wonder how the moles would feel about being adopted.

We have had a lot of pheasants strutting around the place but I fear David would have them in the oven rather then domesticate them!

I suggested fish.....he said he hates fish tanks so a parrot is my reply to that one.....I'm not serious of course, bringing a parrot to a chilly hillside in this country would be cruel but it's keeping him away from the micro pig idea which surfaces in any pet discussion!

I am now beating the bounds of the garden, to see how much more damage has been done!

I may be some time!


  1. Moleskins gloves? Trousers? Notebooks? so much you could do :)

  2. Oh Jean. You wouldn't.
    Would you?

    "I am a mole, and I live in a hole" Except when I am building mountains (preferably in someone's lawn).

    No, you really couldn't kill the little stinkers could you, just let the electronic 'music' chase them next door.

  3. I have two solar electronic devices ready to go in tomorrow when they have charged up! They are a deterrent , I really don't want to kill the little dears!