Wednesday, 10 April 2013


This cruise did us a lot of good! Well mentally if not physically. ......

Asthma is tricky! I found my daughter aged six months wheezing away after an afternoon playing in the long grass in the park. My grandmother used a weird looking rubber contraption to cure her wheezing! So it runs in the family.

I had my first attack when I was 40! Up to then there had been no sign of the family ailment beyond summer colds I came to realise were hay fever!

When I lived in Lancashire I had maybe two attacks a year. I had none in North Wales, and only one in Essex in a barley field after a sharp fall of rain!

Since coming to Cornwall I have had no sign of it at all.

All this leads me to suppose that in my case clean air is it is for most sufferers I suppose!

I used to carry a spray around with me but havn't done that for years. However on one of the cruises after I'd had a chest infection the doctor gave me a spray to use on the plane going home.

This spray has been with me on the two subsequent cruises...Unused mostly. .

Now I'm home I fully expected the wheezing and coughing to subside....instead it's persisting!

My wheezing is quite the dark long reaches of the night I could almost play tunes on them!

David hears nothing....he takes his hearing aid off to go to bed! So my chest noises, rather like an ancient organ well passed it's best are unappreciated except by me!

I think I may need a new spray. It may be time to see the doctor!


  1. It's a good idea to see your doctor and catch it early before it becomes something more serious. Jen ended up in hospital in the New Year for 5 days when she allowed what she thought was a cold to become a severe chest infection - which worsened a pre-existing condition which had not been diagnosed. It was touch and go for a while.

    She now had steroid medications (both inhaled) and an emergency inhaler she has to carry everywhere with her. Not a good place to be.

    [*] that you get the right treatment and medication quickly.

  2. Thank you Earnie! I did go to the doctors today. I have now got the steroid inhaler too! Hopefully Ive caught it before it reached the stage Jen was at. I hope she's now Ok...

  3. I hope you get rid of the wheezes quickly Jean.
    I have allergic rhinitis and slight asthma and have just, reluctantly started taking my anti histamines and using the nasal spray. It does help but walking uphill at my usual Olympic speed is much harder than in Winter and nose and chest sound like bag-pipes.
    I think the very strong winds this year have made for more chest complaints than usual. Am not looking forward to the catkins on the birch and hazel trees beginning to shed their pollen.

  4. Thanks Ray......I am coughing better as my grandma would have said!