Friday, 26 April 2013

Blog the blog!

I've been blogging for a long time now. Before I started this one I ran another one for several years and have saved all the contributions on my lap top! Before that there were diaries, kept by the year. When I am a seriously old woman I may reread them, or not, depending on the state of play at the time!

This one has been running for a few years and I try to post every day so there's a large body of work behind it! Most days the moment of blogging is brief, overtaken by things that actually need my attention!

The time I spend as the administrator is very brief this morning I spent some time on the dashboard and I am astounded by two things. The first is the volume of spam I'm getting! Everything that is posted anonymously goes straight into the spam box..I never see them let alone read them.

The second astounding thing is how widespread my catchment area has become!

On the world map it's possible to see where my visitors come from and I am astonished to find large areas of the world are coloured in!

Some of this is I think traffic generated through the cruises I've been on for the last few years. I know people I've met that way do read the blog because occasionally they respond to something I've written.....this is wonderful, it's a way of keeping a fleeting relationship alive and well!

Living in this world of electronic communications is a small miracle that I enjoy enormously.. Setting sail into the sunset of my life complete with iPad is just wonderful.



  1. I never look at the admin page of my blog. I post so infrequently that it's hardly worth the effort. And there are so many other great blogs to read and to interact with,

    Like yours :)