Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Catching up!

Day two of being at home is slightly less pressured than day one! Yesterday we went through two boxes of old mail most of which went straight into the bin!

We listened to a jumble of messages on the answer phone.....deleted them all! Most were from a firm telling us we'd won a lap top computer and all we had to do to claim it was to fill in a form...... It committed us to a life time of receiving rubbish on a regular basis!

We unpacked!

Having lived out of one suitcase for two months the choice of clothes at home was very confusing! Yesterday I went straight for the heavy wool pants and several layers of tops....today the choice is bewildering! I have made a resolution to part with anything I havnt worn for a year! This will no doubt be a vain hope but I do intend to try!

We don't look very tanned.....we last saw the sun over a week ago and are now pale copies of how we looked in the tropics.

I am still coughing and wheezing......though not as much! David is joining in.....this trip did us a power of good!

Today I have to see if my car will start! I am trusting that the solar panel on the dashboard will have kept a sufficient charge to start it!

I have persuaded the bank to unstop my card! For the second year running we were unable to buy food on our return.....thank you the helpful bank! Tesco will deliver at lunch time so we can eat again !

Being home is lovely but it will be even better when I've sorted everything out!


  1. Thank you for recording your cruise so that we could all learn what life is like on board ship and to avoid Fort Lauderdale.

    I hope the peace you found whilst away continues in your everyday life in such a calming and beautiful part of this country.

  2. Thank you so much for that kind comment....I really appreciate it!