Sunday, 28 April 2013

Early morning joy.

I got down to St Just early for the eight am communion. The tide was in, the creek full....the paths are lined with primroses and white garlic grass fills out the small pieces of green. Large Camelias trees are full of blossom, as are the various shades of white and pink. It is quite simply the closest to paradise we are likely to find on earth.

It is the church I first visited with my children when they were small. They were so delighted with it and even as a toddler my daughter could feel the awe. My son was literally struck dumb by its beauty and when he found the Celtic blessing at the back of the church he copied it carefully and kept it for many years. He was about seven at the time.

Every year we took our holiday on the north coast for the surfing but after that first visit we went back every year to sit quietly , never to a service but either in the gardens or inside the church with the current dog part of the group.

It is a blessing beyond anything I could ever have imagined that now I can preside at communion with people who have same sense of awe as they sit in the pews.

Deep peace of the rolling wave to you

Deep peace of the shining stars to you

Deep peace of the sleeping earth to you

Deep peace of the Son of Man to you..... Thank you God

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