Saturday, 20 April 2013


I have realised that having spent two months on board the Queen Elizabeth this year, I have become institutionalized. Taking into account the months at sea last year and the year before, Cunard has changed me from a woman of irrational habit to one of tidy ways.

This notion presented itself to me when in the middle of the night I got up to go to the loo. Until I got to the bedroom door mentally I was in my cabin! When I opened the door I realised I was at home! I was half asleep at the time but it still gave me pause.

My morning habits have changed too. I always tidied the cabin before breakfast. I did not want the steward finding my evening clothes all over the place so they were hung up and all the other acroutrements put away too!

I'm still doing it! Before going down for breakfast I've made the bed, put everything away and got dressed. No more slouching around in my dressing I am neat and tidy and even my jewelry has been coordinated !

The teenager still inside me wants to rebel against this self imposed regime but I have to admit that it's easier! Now I'm downstairs I know that all is as it should be up there.....No need to rush up and tidy before anyone else sees it!

In my old age I have become the well organized creature I always wanted to be...stray rebellions are put down immediately.

I am not sure whether to thank Cunard for this improvement in my life or bemoan the passing of a happy slob....either way the tidy bug seems to have taken....I can live with it!


  1. It gets harder to see things out of place as you get older. And I have to make the bed first thing, even if Jen is still in it. :( Or at least straighten my half anyway.

    Living with lots of cats isn't designed to have a pristine house. Cats have an unfortunate habit or regurgitating at short notice, just where they are - even on a bed or settee.

    We work around it, but to be honest, if we wanted to be house proud, we'd never have pets, and we can't imagine our lives without them.

    At least the house is clean, if not looking like one of those makeover shows on TV.

    1. I would rather have pets around day....even given the hairs and the mess! Being pristine is not my natural choice!