Monday, 29 April 2013

The underground danger !

A new problem has presented itself today! Moles. Last year we had the occasional heap of earth. Crispin the golden would stick his nose into it and and had to be persuaded not to dig it out! This clearly kept the little animals at bay.
Up to yesterday we had about 25 mole hills. This morning that number has doubled. Clearly we have a problem!
I remember one solution to this problem from when I lived in Lancashire.  Some hedgerows had grim  rows of dead moles stretched along their length.  The farmers seemed to think this was a deterrent.  I'm not sure how that would work with an underground animal....   At any rate first catching your mole would be problematic!
I asked for help on twitter and it duly arrived in the shape of advice about small windmills, sonic mole repellers and diluted bleach!
On reporting this to my husband off he went to the local post office in the village, where he caused much laughter all round describing what he was after! He came home with a giant windmill in glorious colours with a sun in the middle! This picture does not reveal that it's a couple of feet wide!
It is set up along one of the runs! Don't laugh!
It has caused much amusement locally....which will be wonderful if it works! It is whizzing around !


  1. Well even if it doesn't work, it will look pretty.

    I believe there is a 'sound' deterrent which emits a low frequency noise, inaudible to humans which causes the little beasts to pack their bags and depart at the gallop.

    Can't remember where I saw it advertised but your local garden centre may be able to help.

  2. There are some winging their way right now! Solar powered so no batteries are involved! We will just need to take care when cutting the grass!
    I'm not sure pretty is quite the right word!