Saturday, 6 April 2013


Having a rest from packing as it is, at this moment impossible to see where everything is going to fit in! We have not bought anything bulky but over a two month holiday we have of course bought things that will always remind us where we've been!

Nothing is heavy, nothing is bulky....but it's all got to find a place somewhere!

The good news is that there is no flight! It does not have to be weighed! This on its own is a source of relief and delight! We have caught up with UK time gradually over the week so there's no real jet lag either.

The presents are all light and there's a lot less of them than there used to be I regret to say!

There is one last lecture to attend this morning, lots of people to say goodbye to, addresses exchanged, kind words spoken. It all feels very final!

I still have about a hundred minutes left on the Internet. There is no refund so I will try to use them!

All the crew are walking around telling us what a good crossing it has been. It has had its moments but it's certainly the best we've ever had!

We are looking forward to getting back to our lovely house and garden....but there are miles to go before we sleep! Miles to go before we sleep!

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