Monday, 22 April 2013

Save the Arctic!

On a previous blog before I went away I asked if all the petitions we were being asked to sign actually did any good. Several of you kept me informed of the success of one or two of them so it's clearly worth a try.

This morning came the "Save the Arctic" campaign. I signed it .

One of a series of lectures I'd attended during our two months away was given by a young man who had been on several Arctic expeditions. He reported a story of industrial vandalism, which was robbing the native people of their habitat as well as their means of finding food that made me far more aware of what's happening up there.

Oil burning plus global warming could seriously jeapordise the Arctic Ice, undisturbed for centuries.

Already lakes have appeared where none existed. It really is time to try to do something.

The young man whose name I can't remember had spent a year and a half in Hudson Bay, investigating the loss of two ships and their crews. The ships were found by divers during the summer but the crew had to be presumed graves were found. His story was fascinating but serious. He showed us pictures of men lost in the ice, still intact after a hundred years or so....the Arctic does not deserve what the huge oil companies are doing to it right now!

The companies are treating it as unclaimed land, fair game for their drilling and oil burning, but this land belongs first to the Eskimo and then to the rest of the world . Please sign the petition if it comes your way.

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