Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sheep may safely graze.

Today is known in the trade as "sheep Sunday". It started last week with the injunction to feed my sheep!

After the service two people told me that they kept sheep so they know far more about this subject than I do!

Sheep get a bad press in these parts. The consensus is that they are foolish animals...

A long time ago we had a vicar who used to give out poems and readings immediately before the service. We all enjoyed reading and it went down well with the congregation.

One day the girl who sat next to me in the choir was given a short poem to read. She snorted after she'd read it and I could see that all was not well.

She got up to read the first line, "Oh I am a silly sheep" then she stopped, looked at the congregation and said "Actually I'm not silly at all. But I'll read it anyway"

She did and then sat down with a long deep sigh!

Sheep can look after themselves for most of the year, in this they are very lucky and have some freedom. They needed protection from wolves and bandits in Jesus day so often they were kept in pens....however that meant they had to be fed daily.

Jesus was not talking hay to His disciples though.....spiritual food, the sort that lifts the soul, the beauty that brings us closer to God. This sort of food is all around us here in Cornwall.....but even here we have to step outside the pen to feel this morning I will invite the congregation to come outside and smell the daisies, figuratively speaking! You too!

All of our senses used in joy and love can bring us closer to what we waiting for?

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