Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Glums.

We saw Les Miserable a day ago in the huge theatre here. It was full......finding a seat for the late comers was impossible so some sat on the stairs till they were moved along for safety reasons. Well over a thousand people watched , utterly caught up by the whole thing!

But the day after the show the comments were not what I was expecting! Mostly American voices complained that it was too political! I suppose the injunction to man the barricades is just that but at the time the need to revolt was surely justified even with tragic results! It certainly may well have been the start of the fight for justice for the common man but the willingness to fight and die for a common cause is I think not necessarily socialist.

Les Mis is one of the most moral shows I have seen, I enjoyed it live in London and the film yesterday was wonderful in that we were up close to the action, not separated by rows of people and the orchestra pit.

The message of forgiveness was heard and understood...for once the Christian message was heard loud and clear....if that Is political I can live with it!

I do understand that the sorrow and shock of nine eleven affected an entire nation but this has now been replaced by anger and worse! hatred.

When I say that I taught Muslims in school for ten years I see astonishment in their eyes. When I say that the children were well behaved and I had no problems of discipline at all during those years I am clearly not believed.

If I go on to say that one of my pupils went on to become the Mayor of Rochdale total incomprehension is followed by much head shaking. I am told on this ship that we have to fight the Muslims everywhere because if we don't they will take over all of our countries.

I think there may well be some people in that category but I remember the contempt they were subjected to in the first wave of immigration. Small girls were roughed up on their way to school. I was spat at by people calling me a Pakky lover. We reap what we sow in this world.....and this message is clear in the wonderful story by Victor Hugo, Les Miserables.

Jesus injunction to love each other as He has loved us needs practice I think. It has to start somewhere!

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