Sunday, 14 April 2013

Waking up to normality.

Today feels very weird! Putting on a dog collar after several months away from it all felt positively alien! I have been content to be led, have felt no urge to lead and this morning am having to pray for help to get me back into the mainstream of worship!

I am now slowly waking up from the dream I have lived in since last October.....I wish it had all been a nightmare and somewhere along the road I would find my son still laughing and playing daft games but I know that won't happen....

I saw a video earlier of a dog seeing his owner returned from two years in Afghanistan . The dog went wild with joy! It made it worse that the dog was a golden retriever, like Crispin. I did cry at that....But slowly, gently the real world is reclaiming me.

Someone told me of an old ladies death over the starts again tomorrow, normality is resuming....

I've printed out my sermon, coughed a lot, tried to find a voice somewhere under the croak that has become my daily greeting.

Going back to normal when everything is changed is proving to be a challenge....but with Gods help I can.....I have been sleep walking through the travels by sea....I am awake again now.....thank you God.


  1. [*] for your return to normality and for peace of mind and spirit.

    1. Thank you...I truly value your prayers!