Thursday, 11 April 2013

What pet?

Now I'm not moving about all the time, finding myself in a different place every day there's not as much to talk about.....but that's a good thing I think!

My reflections on life, love and the mysteries of the universe may be very dull right now for which I can only apologise. Coming back home to an empty house is something we've always done but with the knowledge that the following day the dog, the cat, old Uncle Tom Cobbly and all would be fast arriving.

Now it's very quiet indeed.....apart from the garden.

In our absence various sorts of life have moved in! There is one distinct hoof print! The deer arrive in the very cold weather! Mole hills are everywhere. They have sussed out that there is no dog or cat to lie in wait for them!

There is a very smart, brightly plumaged pheasant. He is a handsome bird and shouts his dismay at our return home every morning!

On our travels we discussed the lack of pets and various suggestions have been looked at.

I did have a large fish tank once but it doesn't give the same satisfaction to cuddle a guppy!

Birds are possible, though we both shudder at the thought of a budgie. A parrot would be better until we remember the price!

David fancies a micro pig....but I fear it's the small chops he has in mind!

Rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters.....none of them are suitable for two geriatrics!

Hens have crossed our mind! Our neighbours kept them and we enjoyed their eggs but not their crowing!

I am happy to let our plants be our pets and then I realise that very soon our annual battle with the slugs will begin!

A jar of Spanish slugs of various colours could be elevated to pet status........or maybe not!

I leave it in the lap of the Gods....and that's asking for trouble!

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