Friday, 12 April 2013

Work platitudes.

Following a few kind words on twitter this morning I am now settling down to write the first sermon for months! I don't mind writing is after all creative writing! But it is the first work related task since getting home from the cruise.

It is the signal to my head that the extended jolly is over!

On board ship you fall into a is governed by the times of meals, of lectures and of meeting friends for drinks! During the first week home there is a tendency to stick with that routine until real life intervenes!

Various people have arrived or phoned this week to make sure I am up to date with events and to give my diary a good shake up!

Some things have developed in unexpected ways, whilst others seem to have stalled!

Some people who were fine when I left are not now and of course the reverse is true!

Being away for two months has meant that some major illnesses or deaths have come and gone with no one wanting to "spoil" my holiday. I am grateful for that of course but to get the good or bad news in the space of a couple of days has been harrowing at times....I have a lot of catching up to do!

All of this means that getting my head into the right place to think a sermon through might be more difficult than usual.

Onwards and upwards! Once more into the breach dear friends and all the other work related platitudes I can think of!



  1. Welcome back to the reality world as opposed to the 'real world' of your cruise.

    I'm sure that after a few weeks you will be back into the groove and planning your next cruise :)

  2. Thanks Earnie......I enjoy my work as you know!