Saturday, 4 May 2013

Coughing again!

May bank holiday has started with what is our now normal weather....wind and rain! Cornwall is filling up nicely after a couple of warm sunny days so I imagine today is going to throw a damper on them all.

Having spent another night listening to myself wheeze I am not sure this weather is going to dampen down the pollen much and in the past I was told that rain after sun produces spores which are just as bad as pollen....we shall see!

Mean while back at the house we have no heating or hot water! Yesterday's young men arrived late....not through any fault of theirs.....someone somewhere had not realised how far away we were!

They left after a day of my coughing with many apologies.....someone else is coming this morning....from Bridgend! I expect a helicopter to land any minute.....

Till its all been sorted out and the sun is not evident we are going to be a bit chilly....

I am sure this will all be worth it in the end....

The worst thing, the very worst thing is that every morning I have to have a long bout of coughing to clear the congestion...even as I cough I can hear my mother doing exactly the same thing sixty odd years ago!

I thought it was because she smoked....but maybe not.....

Please God do not let me turn into my mother in my old age. That really would be a low blow!


  1. You can't turn into your mother, but you could turn out to be a little like her :)

    Sorry to hear of the ongoing Asthma and the distress is must be causing. I have hayfever all year around and take daily tablets on prescription for it. In the main it works, but occasionally I'll have a bout of sneezing and coughing. Not often these days fortunately.

    When Jen was ill in January, the hacking cough went on for several weeks until all of the congestion finally was expelled from her chest. She's still on daily inhalers, but hopefully, very little coughing now.

    1. I take anti histamine all the year round too but this last has been much worse than anything before.....