Monday, 6 May 2013

Don't go's Bank holiday!

Bank holidays are irrelevant to me these days! When I was married to a bank manager they were extra day added on to the weekend but now they just mean its safer not to drive anywhere if you have to be sure of getting home on time.

Memories of taking the children to see their grandmother who lived in Blackpool return in horrid detail. Often we were stuck in jams both going and coming home. Trying to placate two over excited children in stationary traffic put a bit of a damper on the whole idea!

When the children left home we had a boat on the Great Ouse which we used every weekend so an extra day was real joy, we could venture further afield than usual with a whole extra day to play with.

Unfortunately this meant that the traffic jam often happened on water instead of on road!

Some locks were very busy indeed by six o clock on Monday! A long queue stretched down the side of the river but at least we were able to get off the boat and natter rather than being cooped into a small car space!

One memorable Monday evening we had spent three hours queuing to get back to our marina near we got onto the M 11 we then joined the next queue to get us back to Chelmsford!

Too many of these occasions made us wary of enjoying our Bank holidays. Even before David retired we had given them up...

Plans were made and discarded as we realised that oh dear it was Bank holiday.

Now, here in Cornwall we stay close to home and watch the comings and goings from our windows which look out over's not just safer, we see more!

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