Friday, 10 May 2013

Enough blaming and shaming?

It is beginning to feel as though we are living through a sort of re-evaluation of our moral code in this country. As each new person is named, accused of historic crimes my heart sinks lower into a sort of fascination and horror at some of the stories.

When I was a teenager I was very involved with local politics....I was on the local Labour group and a member of different committes involved in determining policy locally as well as nationally. I met men much older than me, some of whom showed an interest.

I was on television a few times talking about youth involvement in politics and there met several well known politicians. One MP who will definately remain nameless asked me out to dinner. He was in his sixties. I was 16.

I didn't go, Granada had laid on a taxi to take me home which I took gladly but I have no doubt that had I accepted the invitation the man would have made a move on me. This sort of thing happened. It was during the fifties...

Most of us teenagers shrugged our shoulders and described those who made approaches as dirty old men....

Now, the names of those caught in the media spot light are coming thick and fast. I knew two of them, one of them well.

Of course people should pay for their crimes but it seems the enormity of what Saville did is rubbing off on everyone around at the time.

I am glad not to be one of the victims. But I am starting to worry about the named men.....many of them are dead it not time to let it all rest in peace.


  1. Is it becoming a 21st century Witch Hunt do you think?

    1. We seem to be heading in that direction.....