Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Fertilising by hand!

A report this morning on the BBC , saying that we are in danger of losing 20% of our wild life got me thinking about what is happening right here in Cornwall.
My gardener, more used to urban small gardens than a large field arrived with his strimmer to chop down the "weeds" yet again this week!
Our field has one very long hedge running next to the main road. It is stone but over the years plants have grown all over it. In the past I have asked him not to strim the blue bells, the pink comfrey and the ladies bed straw, all making a riot of pink white and blue along its length.
He talks to my husband" She thinks they're all flowers. I haven't the heart to tell her they are weeds"
I've tried several times to explain that in a garden our size there's plenty of room for a patch of wild flowers and that they are needed for all the insects. My words are only heeded for a short time and then they all disappear again!
The foxgloves are just starting to shoot up and I want to stand in front of them whilst the strimmer is out !
The bees are yet again in short supply. By this time we should be literally buzzing out there. Last year was the out I go once more to fertilise anything that needs it! Camel hair brush in hand...I make an unlikely sight I know but without the gift God gave us someone has to do the job!
It's not just bees, all of our wild life is under threat....we have to try to halt this whilst there is still time. Once they are extinct it's too late!


  1. Well done you Jean.
    You just have to remember when someone describes you as a "silly old Bee", it's a compliment.