Saturday, 11 May 2013


I saw the first advertisement for the iPad about four years ago....we were doing a world cruise, the first of several and I only had my iPhone with me. Every day I looked at the various blurbs about this new extraordinary tool for all things computer and I pre ordered one . We were going through the Suez Canal at the time....all sand!

The first iPad arrived soon after we got back and it was love at first sight! It was so easy to use, so tiny compared to the various lap tops that it soon became my constant companion. It has travelled with me ever since and I have used it for music for quiet days , written a small book on it, played games, blogged, and stored photos of all our exploits!

I told David he needed one but being a bloke he went his own way and bought a Nexus tablet which he loves and takes with him where ever we go. It is half the size of my iPad but is very neat and I have been impressed with what he can do with it.

Sadly my lovely iPad 1 is approaching the time when a replacement is needed. It no longer holds the charge well and has to be plugged in, often when I'm in the middle of playing backgammon with someone on the opposite side of the world.

Whilst we were away I thought long and hard about it's replacement! I liked the Nexus but was unwilling to leave Apple for all sorts of reasons. The new iPads include lots of things missing from the first one. I have browsed....I looked at them in some unlikely places....there were lots on sale in Tahiti for instance but I resisted all temptation.....until this week.

I went onto my laptop, found the right page, ordered it, paid for it, it's on it's way.....and it's a mini. The iPad mini won my heart eventually. It's the same size as David's Nexus so it will slide into my handbag, it will arrive on Monday.....

The old one is not going to holds my music library and kindle.....

I'll let you know how the mini performs....In due course......


  1. Oh Jean! I had persuaded myself that I was OK with my desktop PC, my kindle, ipod & a fairly old Nokia mobile but you are nudging me towards taking a look at an ipad. I know I don't actually need it but ...

  2. Oh dear. I am sorry to be playing devils advocate! Enjoy!