Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Lost and found.

I have lost an ear ring......not in itself a problem, except that I am now changing them daily to try to find the right pair to carry me through the week!

On board the cruise ship I changed them everyday....twice some days but at home one pair goes all week, longer sometimes.

I've only worn earrings during the last period of my life.

My friend Babs who reads this blog and will know the next part of the story already, introduced me to the joys of having ears pierced. She assured me that the process of piercing was a doddle and the choice of earrings much greater! Hers, a present from her husband were certainly stunning so I carefully introduced the subject to mine.

The first David was not daft, "I recognise the thin end of the wedge when I see it " he said.

He was not wrong. I've never counted the sum total of rings in my collection. A lot covers it!

I tend to buy a new pair when I'm visiting a new place, like the wonderful black pearls from Tahiti.

The one I lost this weekend was a blue opal bought in Oz last year.

The present David says its not lost, it's somewhere in his car.....but until the next service is unreachable!

We can see it gleaming happily in the dark....we just can't find a method of retrieving it! A well trained spider might be good!

Therefor it might just as well be lost!

It has though sent me back to the little box of delights where I keep the everyday ear rings.

To wear them for a week they have to be comfy in bed....this cuts out the large pearls and even larger precious stones. I'm now on the third pair this week and its only Tuesday.

Arghhh Babs! David was right, it was the thin end of the wedge!


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  2. Ah Jean I remember it well.
    I scatter my earrings far and wide I really don't know how I do it, at night I always take off my earrings, and there low and behold a solitary earring What happened to the other one goodness only knows. I shall end up a punk with one earring.
    Somewhere there is a little treasure trove you never know I might find them all one day x

  3. The first comment was a duplicate of the second one. That's why it was deleted!