Monday, 13 May 2013

New mini passwords!

Oh new mini iPad duly arrived this morning and I can feel a headache coming on! It's lovely, very neat indeed and I love it. The problem is that in setting it up for anything it keeps asking me for a password.
The simple thing to do would be have just one password for everything but I don't do that....they are different for everything....ahem.
I also have a different keyboard....having seen them on the last cruise I thought it would be good to get the detachable blue tooth keyboard to go with the works . It is easy but once again a password is required....
All this technology in one morning is quite draining....but given time and patience it will all be ok.....I think...I just have to get the head in the right place!
My bank has checked that I really did spend all this money, and Apple has informed me that someone has been using my ID. Fortunately in both cases it's me but its very reassuring that Big brother is watching over me!
The new things are very different from the way the first iPad worked so we are on a voyage of discovery now.....I just need to get the passwords in order!
Having now had a day to play with the new toy I can say in all honesty that I love it!
I remembered enough of the passwords to get into the apps and spent a happy hour or so playing games and that is where it scores ! It is so light, compared to the first pad and David's Nexus...taking it to bed was a doddle and it kept its charge wonderfully well.
It has did introduce me to a new temptation though.
In the app shop it lists all the ones I've purchased so you can download them again free. On two of the game sites I was sorely tempted to chose a new user name and start all over again. That way no one would want to chat....and I could start with a better score too!
In the end I didn't do it.....but the temptation is still there.
All in all it is a truly amazing invention, easy to pop into a handbag, weighing almost nothing...way to go!

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  1. It will totally change your way of doing things.. We live in strange and wonderful times indeed!