Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Pages V Word.

Had a busy half hour trying to resolve the great gulf between Apple and Microsoft! In real life that would take longer than 30 minutes I know but in this instance it was the problem of translating a Pages document into a Word document.
The sender of the document had done it on his iPad. He was very proud of it and had no idea of the difficulties it might cause. The iPad uses Pages, a powerful tool used by us Mac users in preference to Word, the original word processor for Windows. I could open this document with no problems but my esteemed colleague couldn't.  I ended by sending a prĂ©cis .
On my first MacBook pro I had Word installed and used it for most things but on the new lap top I use Pages. This does cause problems at times.
It , the computer used to have great difficulty with documents from the Diocese and positively shuddered at things like rotas, written on Windows Office!
I got used to playing helpless female when my computers refused to play nicely with anything from Microsoft. however recently Apple have relented....they will now translate anything from Windows and put it onto Pages. This has made life very much easier for me but I'm afraid the reverse isn't true!
Word will have nothing to do with anything from Apple....it just looks on in shocked horror , holds up its hands and faints!
This is unfortunate when the need arises to send documents from one system to the other.
Is it not time for Microsoft to stop sulking and simply treat any document like a big grown up word system and do what Apple has already done......they have the technology!
Time to get real, or at any rate helpful!


  1. Can you not save word documents in .RTF format and import them into pages and vice versa?

    I don't use microsoft office, but a compatible paid for office suite which even opens and converts .pdf documents and is capable of saving documents in a wide range of formats. Although, I haven't tried .pages I have to admit.

  2. Its not usually me who has the problem Earnie.....I have both Word and Pages after all, its other people who can't open things I send them! And then I have to explain why.....or try anyway!