Monday, 13 May 2013

Post cruise joys?

David and I are really rotten adverts for cruising! Having picked up the legendary Cunard cough we have given it a thorough airing in Cornwall since arriving home and really only now are starting to feel the benefit! I am now not coughing for Britain any more, just for Cornwall!

Today is a lovely day, it's May, and I have all the pictures I took on our epic trip safe on my iPad! Looking through them is like looking at the life of someone else.....did we really do all those thing?

I have pictures of me on our balcony looking like death with wonderful sunsets in the back ground!

There are also pictures of David, drinking his favourite cocktail , perched high in the Commodore club beaming at everyone and thoroughly, expansively at home .

Did I really go ashore in Tahiti intent on buying the glorious back pearls.....I did, twice, the earrings from one island and the pendant from I did this in the middle of feeling terrible is a mystery but I knew I'd never be there again!

Coming home was great and we expected there to be no jet lag because we crossed the Atlantic to dock in Southampton, but we reckoned without the bad cruise fairy....who tapped us on our shoulders as we left our ship to make sure we did not get off scot free!

It has taken us a month to get ourselves back to something approaching normality but we are now there, at home in beautiful Cornwall, in glorious weather, with the summer ahead of us and our travels behind us....thank you God!

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