Monday, 27 May 2013

Reading and writing.

Amongst the joys of the digital age is the ability to download books and have them immediately!

I read that the new Dan Brown book was out and within minutes it was on my ipad kindle . I checked to see if it was also an audio book and there it was....job done...I had found on my recent long journey that I got much more out of a book if I had two ways of reading it! Well I'm getting old!

I am thoroughly enjoying the new book and deliberately rationing myself to how much per day I can manage...I don't want to finish too soon.

Quite apart from the story and the considerable ancient wisdom in the book one sentence made me think!

The hero was describing a lecture hall full of people eager to hear him speak and he had asked how many in the room were authors. A very large number of people put their hands up.

"Gosh" he thought "This ebook publishing has come a long way! "

And it has...and I am aware that there are two ways of looking at this. Having published one of my own I am aware that for some it is a conceit and for others a threat...

For me it is an amazing thing to find that people are still downloading and reading it a year after it appeared!

It's not fame as we know it but it does encourage me to go on with another pet project of mine...

Nothing like the Dan Brown books....they really are in a class of their own up there with Hilary Mantell and JK Rowling but I enjoy writing as well as reading. So after I've polished off the current reading list then I may return to a project started in the South Pacific.....

Unlike any other art form writing requires no special tools beyond a paper and a pen....or in this digital age a word processor and keyboard...the main ingredient is the will to work at it day by this dire run of bad weather that shouldn't be a problem!

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