Thursday, 9 May 2013

Seasonal reflections.

Usually on Ascension Day I am aware of spirits rising, of joy, of hope and of beauty. This year a good part of that is garden, just clothed in new green is being shaken by the rough winds. The darling buds of May are under severe pressure.

My sons untimely death has left me lamenting in more ways than one and I take great comfort in the gifts he gave me during his life time. I have them all, cards, letters, small presents. They are taking on great significance day by day, even whilst I try hard not to let it happen.

The last thing he gave me were some raspberry vines. They were put in last year in the Spring and fruited very early. Since then they have been trained to climb up cane loops and now are in full flower, the tender white blossoms giving me hope not just for the eventual red fruit but, daft as it may sound, that Adrian is still with us and is looking after us all.

It is certainly true that several raspberry flowers appeared on Christmas Day which I do regard as a miracle of sorts but I know they were not a present from my son because his gifts were always at least a week late!

The seasons move on, Ascension Day is quickly followed by Pentecost....the cyclical nature of everything in nature is always apparent...but more so this year...

I am amazed by how comforting it is to find that very soon we shall be back in Trinity! To everything there is a season!


  1. Lovely post Jean.
    As one season in the church follows another we each find something different to either celebrate or at least commemorate.
    In that way, nothing and no-one is ever really lost to us.
    I particularly love your reference to Adrian's gifts always being late.
    Thing which irritate us when a loved one is alive become reasons to remember them with love when they are gone.
    May you enjoy this season (gales notwithstanding).

  2. Thank you Ray....The gales have now demolished a good many fruit flowers......but I think it may be early enough for them to try again!