Friday, 17 May 2013

Siri. New toy!

On the first day of my mini ipad i was startled to hear a voice coming from the machine! I had asked outloud where the @ was, so the voice said very politely
"I dont know the answer to that question, is there anything else I can help you with?"

All of what follows is the result of my first voyage into using Siri....a useful extra found on my new keyboard

In time it will be just as notorious as the apple spell checker. All you have to is tap the microphone and speak. It types. Below is an unexpurgated blog.

Here we are in a whole new ballgame Life gets more weird with every passing minute. I am dictating this family slowly To see what happens. I found this symbol of the microphone on my new iPad And it now does everything for me. I don't know what other delights Lane store for me But I have this vision that in the future I will be able to write the whole of myself in this way. I am not sure how long it will go on for and how long my sentences might have to be But so far so good

Alles an experiment I will add things to this as the day goes by And I will probably publish it in its on excavate can effect on expurgated form.

I have just discovered that if I don't get to the pronunciation right it puts in a different word anyway So it has a great deal in common with the stellar that messes everything up on the radio. I'm now wondering what other things are waiting in store for me, Things that I've never Dreamgirls in the wildest of mind imaginings.

I've read what it's written so far and it is roughly what I said apart from Dreamgirls in my Warhols is imaginings I did not write that but nevermind. It's not bad on punctuation and as far as I can see providing it gets the words right the spelling is good to. It takes a wild guess at the word when it's not sure that it's not as bad as the speller on the eye pad used to be but it's a bit weird.

I very much doubt that it will take over from my tapping everything out manually in the future as experiment it's interesting. If I drop my voice then it misses about the word completely. I think that given time and a bit of experimentation it was actually do the job very well.

It does occur to me that it could be a useful metaphor for the coming of the holy spirit I need to think about that one .

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