Saturday, 25 May 2013

Summer is here!

Trinity Sunday really does come round faster every year! When I was a worship leader it took me several years before I realised that the parish priest was always missing on this day....and that it was not accidental.

His excuse was having been brought up as a Methodist.....which I answered by having spent much of my youth going to the Unitsrian chapel because it was nearer to the house than any other!

The notion of a three form God is not that difficult to explain really and is made better by the long lovely stretch of green Trinities ahead!

I must be getting old! When did safety and security in the well known take the place of moving from the known to the unknown?

This morning with the sun beaming on us and no slight breath of wind the short walk to church to celebrate will be filled with joy. The paths strewn with bluebells and garlic grass beckon!

This really does feel like the start of summer in Cornwall! Alleluia.

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