Thursday, 30 May 2013

The saga of the leg of lamb!

As many of you know I often shop on line...There are drawbacks to this but I use both Tesco and Sainsburys for my grocery shop when I'm busy....they are often literally Godsends.

This week I did a big shop to arrive midweek....

The joints of meat I've been getting as part of the order have been getting smaller.....this has been a Tesco problem since Christmas when they sent me a tiny chicken after I'd ordered a large one. I had to rush out to get an extra we had chicken and duck on our plates last year!

If I'm at home on Sunday morning I always do a roast..and we always have company!

This Sunday is a day off and I ordered a whole leg of lamb from Tesco to make sure I had enough to feed guests etc

When it arrived it was half a leg and very tiny.....the poor thing had not had much time gambolling!

The young delivery man was very sorry. He could see it was not going to stretch to a family meal....

After he'd gone I decided to talk to someone at Tesco about this problem,....I knew this was possible because I'd done it before, years ago when it was all new.

With some hesitation I rang Tesco....jumped through all the telephonic hoops and got a Scottish lady on the phone. She was kind, helpful and understood totally about having a joint too small to feed a family!

We discussed various solutions.....I asked for another half leg to go with the first one. I live a long way out in the country and asked if any vans were coming in my direction soon?

She left me on hold to find out! Good news....a whole leg would arrive later to take the place of the half one!

And it did! Another pleasant young man duly arrived with a very large leg and we did a swop on the doorstep! The branch manager rang me to say the second one was free, I would not be charged to compensate me for the anxiety!

This morning I got an email telling me that I'd had a refund for the first half leg!

Well.....full marks to Tesco! I know they get a bad press sometimes but I can only speak as I find and this week they have been wonderful! Next time I send for them, they tell me to write an instruction with the order so that the problem won't occur again! Way to go Tesco!

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