Friday, 31 May 2013

Trees into blobs!

What is it with men? They see a beautiful tree growing with grace and then they prune it! Pruning for our gardener means reducing everything to a blob.
It was the same with the first David. Every tree in our garden became a blob once he'd retired.
The concept of branches, spreading , interlacing and becoming the shape God intended them to be..tends to escape them. Nature tamed means trees are square or circular blobs!
The part of our garden first planted up with joys from our old garden is now 7 years old and some things are hidden and some are growing tall to get the light!
Up early I went out to talk to our man who does the garden who was David's gardener long before I arrived on the scene.
At first he was very nervous with me , especially if I wore the dog collar but now he's relaxed a little!
"I'm frightened of cutting things back" he said with a grin when I told him what I there you have it. I frighten men in gardens. I wish devoutly that I'd managed to frighten David 1 before he turned our little apple tree into a blob! In the end he chopped it down whilst I was out because it looked so ugly!
Nature red in tooth and claw is fighting back right now.....after a winter of hard weather everything is burgeoning. We have a huge chestnut and even larger yew tree that look like Faraway trees. could easily get lost in their's just as well there are no small boys around!
The problem here is that we are all used to small gardens that need to be kept under control and kept tidy.
We have this is now more garden than field but I suppose it would best be described as parkland! The entirely huge grows side by side with delicate flowering plants....camellias, azaleas roses, ceanothus.
The fruit trees are also in flower and all are blooming right now...I just hope that when I next go out they are still covered in blossom and haven't been "tidied"


  1. God preserve us from 'tidy' gardeners. They are the antithesis of what gardens are about.
    Every tree or shrub has a natural shape and should be allowed to develop its full potential.
    Like you I loathe the appearance of mutilated trees.
    The next time you catch him about to destroy something beautiful you should threaten to 'prune' him.

  2. I do actually want to keep our man Ray.....and from what he says I have already scared him into indecision.....fingers crossed!