Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Unfollowing who?

My patterns of waking, sleeping and tweeting have been under strain recently....since my son died I have indeed been a very dull person and this has been reflected in the dull weather forecasts that passes for tweeting most mornings!

This morning I noticed a tweet from someone who had been unfollowed and I realised that it has been months since I did any sort of a check, so off I went to the who unfollowed me app and there they were, about 30 of them...

Now it is absurd that getting unfollowed by someone you have never met and can't really be called a friend can be a bit unsettling. But it is, so I followed the well worn path of reciprocation and unfollowed those who had done it to me. I now regret this and will reinstate them later...

But it makes you think! Despite losing followers my numbers are growing daily. Some stay for a very short time and if you don't follow back they are off...

Every day I check who has followed me. The golden rule for me is I only follow them back if they are real....there are too many trolls around for me to waste time on are only sure they are real if they hold proper conversations. Those who just quote, no matter how worthy the quotes are out!

If they are real and talking about real things then I will follow! But hold on, if that is true of us all then my daily moans about the weather would surely qualify me for an unfollow too.

The whole twitter deal is a phenomena. On Facebook I know almost everyone...if I met them outside I'd greet them gladly and with hugs. Twitter is different, only a handful are actually known to me in real life.

I value those I chat to regularly...I appreciated all the support I got when I lost my son...

I will try not to be too dull from now on...but no promises, we are still in the early stages of bereavement but laughter is returning....and so is hope! Joy may take a little longer!


  1. I'm a newcomer to your blog so I've been enjoying catching up with your recent posts. I have the same issue with 'unfollowing' ( Mostly, blogging is enjoyable but I find the information overload the comes with social networking tiring. I haven't the heart to cull my facebook friends and twitter followers. Good to be in touch. Phil

  2. Thanks for that and the link to your blog which I enjoyed reading. I'll catch up more soon.