Saturday, 18 May 2013

Walking alone.

Gosh but I'm missing my dog! Now more than ever I realise just how empty a life without a constant, faithful loving companion can be....and no David does not fit into Crispins shoes!

Our garden is a big one, its about 100 yards to the top of it so as my lovely golden got older and more infirm we would amble around the perimeter perfectly secure from other dogs and still lots of smells. Rabbits, moles, cats, they all provided interest for the doggy nose.

He would try to dig the moles out....he was better than a JCB when he really went for it!

Because the main road is so close we seldom left the garden in his last years. The occasional trip to a beach in the car was enjoyed by us all but as he got more fragile it became easier not to risk having to lift him into the back seat!

The problem now is that I haven't walked far for some time so when last week a local church organised a walk along the portion of the cliff that had been my daily walk when he was in his prime , I didn't go! I was worried that I might not make it up some of the hills..... So I chickened out!

This morning is bright and is crying out to be walked but I feel weird without a dog....It is not natural to go off on my own without my lovely old boy....but I will force myself out soon! The cliff path to St Just is feet away, but to get onto it I have to climb over the large gate!

Where is Crispins when I need him?

He is I hope enjoying the celestial rabbit fields in the sky! Along with all my other loved ones!

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  1. A lovely tribute to a loved Pet, whose loss is evident in every sentence.