Sunday, 5 May 2013

Wardrobe chaos.

We are now in the transition period. I am talking clothes here. The heavy warm winter gear is being discarded to celebrate the coming of summer. We are dragging out things put away carefully last Autumn into a brand new season! In theory.

My seasons are all messed up anyway! It's only two months since I was dressed in tropical kit....Hurriedly washed and put away to make room for arctic woollies. The result is choatic wardrobes....summer gear mixed with heavy drab trousers and jumpers.....

This period has always been to find the right clothes for the day but this year it really is hard work! I make the resolution I make every year, to be tidier , to sort out everything by weight and leave it safely in the wardrobe!

This morning,I have pulled out several skirts before finding the right one! I have discarded an old clerical shirt as I discovered the new one I bought last year and forgot about!

I am ready! But my clothes are not!

The skirt I am wearing was last worn in New York. The shoes took me round Tahiti. The cardigan was worn for the casual elegant evenings on board the cruise liner....everything has a story. This does not help as I attempt to both look and feel comfortable for this mornings service in a nearbye village!

I have promised myself some time sorting out my wardrobes....soon... And I am determined to be ruthless.....much of it can go.......I even have bags ready to receive the unwanted garments.....but going from past experience the week after something has been thrown out it is needed and retrieved and reinstated.

Give me strength Lord!

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