Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Weather! Bah...humbug.

We must have done something really dreadful to our planet if this weather is anything to go by! It's dark , very gloomy and positively Autumnal! Since moving out of the village to our haven of peace in the country side we have not had a summer, not a convincing one anyway!

The imagined cream teas under the spreading chestnut tree have only happened once....and that was five years ago!

David and I know we are in no position to grumble about the weather having basked in equatorial temperatures earlier in the year....But that's not going to stop us!

We have gone green with our solar panels on the roof and the new heat exchange thingy attached to the boiler. ...we are doing our best to turn the heating off but it's cold!

I now have a small duvet to nestle into in my office. And it's almost June!

When I lived in Essex the heat in the summer was often oppressive. We had all put fans and air conditioning in where ever possible. Moving to Cornwall was just bliss to think about...always a nice breeze blowing etc...

The nice breeze on most days is a steady force 5 . I can't remember a day here when I have put on a short sleeved shirt! Me and my cardigans are never separated for long...

There must be a happy medium, something between sheltering from the sun to wearing thermals.

Sorry to be bleating yet again....I think the weather patterns over the whole planet are undergoing a sort of nervous breakdown. Or maybe it's just God keeping us on our toes. It wouldn't do to be too complacent after all. If we had unremitting sun for weeks we'd grumble about that I suppose...but just a nice settled spell of warm weather doesn't seem an unreasonable aspiration surely?


  1. Ray Barnes has left a new comment on your post "Weather! Bah...humbug.":

    I agree with you every inch of the way Jean. Not a lover of hot weather myself but oh wouldn't it be nice just to be able to 'un-hunch' and spread limbe not clad in warm clothes, just to feel the sun's rays.?
    I have a wardrobe full of cotton gypsy skirts and dozens of light tops and sandals too.
    The days when we can wear light clothing and move about freely and comfortably seem to average about 10 per year.
    As you say, we must have done something awful to our planet.

    1. Ahem.....Ray I did it again....I pressed the wrong button by mistake! The new mini Ipad is very sensitive......The merest hover above it sends it off ! Sorry!

  2. I am so fed up with my winter clothes I bught some lovely dresses for the hot weather, Still its a good job we have a daughter in Crete and off for most of July to visit Crete and its glorious weather. Wondering about putting the bungalow out to let and living out there for a while. Even my tomato plants are shivering.

  3. Enjoy your stay in Crete Babs,,,,,take the plants with you!!